QuickBooks Hosting – Why You Need It

QuickBooks hosting provides a cloud-based version of thequickbooks hosting cloud icon accounting software by Intuit, hosted by several other cloud computing companies. QuickBooks applications are designed to offer open space accounting to small and medium size enterprises. The software enables keeping of inventories, sales and cash register and important customer information.

Hosting QuickBooks involves a hosting service provider installing and managing the QuickBooks software and a company’s accounting data on its own cloud-based servers. Clients or users are not required to install QuickBooks on their computers but can access their company data via an internet connection to the servers of the hosting company.

There are several functions supported in QuickBooks hosting including remote access, remote payroll assistance, Google marketing functionality, electronic payment functions, and online banking. In recent updates, QuickBooks now allows import of work from Excel spreadsheets, preauthorization of electronic funds and email functionality through Microsoft Outlook.

Intuit the parent company of QuickBooks has several hosting programs including Authorized Hosting Program and Commercial Hosting Program that allows other companies to provide the cloud version of QuickBooks to clients.

QuickBooks hosting allows a client full features as in the desktop edition plus more:

  • Remote access to supported desktop and online versions of QuickBooks
  • Automated backup of data and offsite storage
  • Password protected connections
  • Connecting with multiple office locations while away from work

In the cloud-based solution, the user pays a small monthly fee to access the full functionality of the software online through a secure log in a web browser. Intuit provides regular updates on QuickBooks. The cloud version has many features to work with and has won the hearts of thousands of subscribers. The cloud version was built from scratch and it allows other people to create small business applications, making it very customizable. QuickBooks hosting is supported on various browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox and can be accessed from android and IOS.

Video Overview of How Quickbooks Hosting Works:

Remote access and paperless accounting

A QuickBooks hosting system streamlines your business processes keeping track of all your records to enable fast and easy accounting. Management of records, therefore, will not require your physical presence at the office. Even for individuals who are out of office for a long time this system offers great solutions enabling everyone to remotely access an exact file. It is also paperless and saves a great deal in the IT department.

Multiple -User Access

Multiple users can simultaneously access the same files on the company’s QuickBooks. An employee, an accountant, and the manager can all have access to a file at the same time. This improves can improve collaboration with outside sources like accounting professionals who can work on your data seamlessly and share the same files with you. This close working relationship can greatly contribute to the success of the business. Access to multiple company files has also been enabled with a single login. You can reduce the cost of accessing hosted QuickBooks since you are able to perform multiple functions at the price of one user login.

Intuit carries out automatic updates and upgrades on QuickBooks for their cloud version. This allows you to focus on your work and not what should be the latest version of accounting software to install. Besides, you will not have the hustle of backup since the hosting archives up to a month of your files so you can retrieve them fast and easy.

For clients QuickBooks hosting is a user-friendly system that they can customize to their company methods. This places it top of other cloud-based accounting solutions that require one to make major changes in the way they keep their records. A complete change in accounting methods can be a tedious process and it might take clients a lot of time to, fully adjust to the new ways. The book templates in the online hosting version of Quickbooks can easily be adjusted to meet specific client needs.

The challenges of QuickBooks hosting, however, rests heavily on the hosting company and can be overwhelming. The hosting companies need to have proper application licensing that comply with Intuit’s stipulations. The hosting service provider should also to provide individual user settings because of the customizability of QuickBooks. However, it all depends on how the service provider implements QuickBooks hosting solutions.