The Health Effects Of Filtered Water For Children With Autism

brain healthIt is beyond our comprehension to understand autism and how each individual or child works. However, research has revealed that the way they perceive everything around them is strikingly different from the way we understand things happening around us. Studies have gone to the extent of stating that autistic children even see your face differently. If their sense of perception is so different, then it is only natural to expect why they react so differently to things happening around them. One of the easiest ways to understand this is by observing that while talking to anybody they hardly make any eye contact and also suffer from certain social impairments.

Another prominent attribute to autistic children is the external behavior. This is usually caused by some form of internal agitation such as internal yeast or a nutritional imbalance. If the child is low or high in Cholesterol, then the body will feel agitate and out of balance and will lead to an external behavior usually hitting, biting, screaming or some other form to work out that agitation. If you stop the problem at the source, there is usually a significant decrease in negative behavior from the child. In an effort to prevent the imbalance, you want to make sure that your autistic child is not exposed to any contaminants. The most common source for contaminants is your home drinking water. Studies have shown that in some cases installing a water filter for your whole house can eliminate all harmful contaminants from entering your child’s body which can lead to a reduction in the amount of external behaviors that are occurring if that child’s body is out of balance because of the contaminants in your water supply. Some experts even ask “Is water causing autism?” Having a good home drinking water filtration system can be essential to your child’s health.

What Does Research Say About The Autistic Perception Of Faces?

Cedars-Sinai researchers have gone on record to explore why the difference in reading faces? Studies conducted by them have stated that a certain neuron found in the nerve cells of the brain defined as amygdala acts differently for an autism affected child as compared to any other regular kid. Amygdala is a certain neuron that plays an extremely important part in trying to decode human emotions. It plays a crucial role in evoking the feeling of fear when we face any threat. It is because of this defect on the neuron that autistic people find it difficult to understand the social cues and process the meaning of emotions in their mind. This inability to explore the real meaning keeps them utterly confused about how they should react, this makes them the recluse that they are trying their best to stay within their shell.

How Was The “Faces Theory” Proved

Passing a statement is very easy, but it is important to validate this statement with facts and figures. The conclusion that said autistic kids perceive the face very differently is further supported with the help of research. Let us find out what the research was all about:

The experiment broadly divided into two parts and had two large groups of children, the first group had kids suffering from autism and the other group had kids without this disorder, the first part included children with autism and also the ones without it to look at the face of an individual and respond according to the facial expressions and emotions. The result of this experiment showed that both the kid’s group responded almost similarly. The second part of the experiment emphasized that both these groups focus on parts of an individual’s face like the eyes, the nose, and the lips, etc. separately. The second part of the experiment showed remarkable results and a clear demarcation between both the kid’s group. The conclusion from here clearly showed that autistic kids have a tough time in trying to focus on the eyes and it is easier for them to look into the mouth and focus hard on it. This inability to look into the eyes is probably one of the primary reasons for the bunch of kids suffering from this neurological disorder to have a tough time to read the face of any individual and often end up misinterpreting the face and see it very differently, followed by the lack of social etiquettes and problem in adapting themselves in a social gathering.

How To Address This Issue?

Now that we know the basic problems that these kids have, there is no doubt that there will be problems in dealing with them on a regular basis. So here are some very useful tips:

No point in trying to be stern with them just with your eyes. It is best to try and be as verbal as possible because they cannot interpret your eyes but only your mouth.The best way to interact with them is to speak clearly with a very low pace so that the words get registered in their brain. Try and keep the sentences short and simple for them to comprehend easily.

Potential Treatment Options

Speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, and supplements have been utilized to treat autism. These have been effective for some, but not all patients. Physicians have had to turn to other options including antipsychotic medications like Risperdal. Various psychotropic medications are being reviewed as solutions for autism. Antidepressants, stimulants, and sleep aids …

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When to Cut Grass After Aeration and Seeding

Landscaping is, unfortunately, often seen a very difficult and complicated task. Many people think that taking good care of a yard and having healthy, beautiful grass requires a high skill level in the landscaping field, but the truth is, it does not. Caring for your grass is actually very easy. Even more so with these steps and tips for maintaining a healthy lawn in the following weeks after an aeration and seeding service by Lenards Lawncare in Virginia Beach.

Aeration and seeding are two of the most absolutely amazing things that you can do to improve the health, quality, and look of your lawn. These two highly beneficial services are typically performed during the autumn season. This is usually done for cold season grasses. Some examples of cold season grasses are fescue, bluegrass, bentgrass, and ryegrass. Aeration can significantly help other warm-season grasses as well, but these grasses will not require seeding. Aeration and seeding should not ever be done in the summer. The best time for this process to be done will be between late August and late October. After aeration and seeding, the lawn will need to be maintained and cared for several weeks. During this time, keep any foot traffic in the area to a minimum. Walking on the grass will damage the seed and slow down the growing process. You will also need to water the grass throughout the following weeks. It is best to water the grass in the morning rather than at night. Watering at night can cause fungus to grow as it thrives in moist dark places.

The most important thing to focus on during the first two weeks after this process is to keep the ground moist as the seed starts the germination process. The area should be watered for approximately ten to twenty minutes or until the water reaches a depth of about one-quarter inch, every day. It is crucial to remember not to overwater the grass, as this will wash away the seed. On the other hand, if you do not water the seed after it is planted, you will be wasting your time and money and the seed will new grow in dry soil. 

During the third and fourth week, the seed should be growing and beginning to thrive. At this time, you should continue watering the grass to keep the soil moist. However, you should cut the watering time down to three or four times per week.

Many people struggle to properly judge when to cut grass after aeration and seeding. When the lawn grows to be about four inches in height, it is time to cut the grass. Before you start mowing, it is ideal that you stop watering the seed about twenty-four hours prior in order to allow the grass to dry out a bit. When it is finally time to mow, use a small hand pushed mower. A riding mower will tear up the seed. Set the mower to the highest setting to ensure that the grass is not cut too short. This is very important. The newly planted grass will need time to grow and develop a good root structure before it can handle close-cut mowing. Cutting the grass too short will most likely result in the new grass being dug up. You would not believe how quickly the suction of mower blades will pull up a new seed. So, as a general rule, aim for blades about two inches in height.

Four weeks after the seeds are planted, it is safe to cut the grass as you please. Ideally, you should stick to being very careful not to damage any of the new grass as it may still be a bit fragile. You do not want to risk ruining your freshly grown lawn. At this time, you should still continue to water the lawn about once or twice per week, but be sure that you do not overdo it.
Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be able to care for your lawn, decide exactly when you should cut grass after aeration and seeding, and keep your newly planted grass flourishing and beautiful all year round. It may seem difficult to take care of your lawn, but with this guide, anyone will be able to do it.…

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Nurse Recruiters Hired By Travel Companies Can Handle Initial Medical Travel Job Inquiries

Nurse recruiters are hired by travel companies to handle initial inquiries about medical travel jobs and others, assist medical personnel with the actual sign up process, match that personnel with available travel jobs either within a specific area or throughout the entire country, and handle any and all problems that present during an assignment.

Finding someone to help you find the perfect candidate can give you a sharp advantage when looking for top nursing jobs or top executive jobs. The recruiter is the “Go-To” source for just about everything that affects your job experience. They are not just a nice addition to your travel process; they are pretty much the whole deal. Due to the slightly high rate of turnover in recruiters, because the job can be demanding and quite stressful when you find an excellent recruiter, your life just got a whole lot easier.

First, you should look for a recruiter who has a good grasp of your area of expertise. You can usually pick this up in a short period just by talking with them. It sounds crazy, but I have had recruiters ask me “stupid” questions about exactly what I do, and then I know immediately they either don’t know their stuff or at minimum haven’t even bothered to look at my resume before they called me about a position.

Also, you want a recruiter that does what they say they will do when they say they will do it. I’ve talked to recruiters about a job, had them tell me they think I’m the right one for the position and that they will get back with me about further details or even an interview time if things have moved along to that point, and then I never hear back from them, even after leaving several messages. Very frustrating! Needless to say, I don’t work with that recruiter again.

Experienced recruiters also have more leeway in what they can offer to entice you into taking a particular assignment. If you have some basic negotiating skills and are working with a top notch recruiter, you can usually negotiate a higher salary as well as many other perks that are not in the standard benefits package.

Of course, you also want a recruiter that is there for you in the bad times not just when you are signing up for a new assignment, and all seems rosy. A recruiter that’s worth their salt will handle any complaints or problems that present during your job with professionalism and efficiency.

Finally, a great recruiter will get to know what types of jobs motivate you and will keep in touch from time to time to see when you will be available for upcoming positions. They want to keep you coming back to their particular company and do whatever they can to make that happen.

Below are some qualities that every nurse recruiter should have.


You want your recruiter to be easily accessible regarding phone calls. If you go on an assignment and are having problems, the first people you will need to call is your recruiter. It would be quite frustrating not to be able to talk with the recruiter to help you with your frustrations. You need to find a recruiter whom you can get in touch with.

Good listening skills.

Your recruiter should have good listening skills. He or she needs to be able to listen to your inquiries and experiences so that they can fully understand your situation. This does not only apply to Proactive nurse recruiters. This should also apply to nursing bridge program educators, like paramedic to RN educators, or nursing leaders in hospitals and facilities.

Being comfortable with each other.

Would it not feel awkward to be working with someone whom you don’t like? It is important that you find a recruiter you are comfortable with, someone you can talk to about your job, problems, and issues at work. That person should be able to be empathetic towards you and other nurses. The feeling of comfort should always be there because it is an element for better communication. If you can connect with your recruiter, you won’t feel inhibited and embarrassed to talk about your work issues or difficulties.


Traveling is not easy and adjusting to a new place is always challenging. You want to find a recruiter who tells you what you need to expect to your future work and someone who will also encourage you. He should be able to match your skills and personality to the kind of place you are working in the future. Once he finds you the right assignment, he needs to be encouraging. Uprooting from one place to another is sometimes hard, but with a recruiter who is encouraging, it gives you motivation.

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What is an Executive Search Firm and why you should hire one

An executive search firm is a term, which is used to describe a professional company that is in the business of hiring and developing new employees for the purpose of placing them in responsible positions in different corporations and organizations. The business and not the potential employee hire them and the search company will look for candidates that are qualified for the position in question.

This type of hiring would be very difficult as well as time-consuming for any company to take the time to analyze all the available jobs and to fill the vacancies. That is why they will hire these outside firms who will then approach prospective job seekers, and they play a vital role in this entire process. In fact, they are responsible for developing the job descriptions, and also to communicate the functions and responsibilities to the candidates that they approach. In most cases, they will also handle the interviewing and make offers.

They will use many different research techniques to find qualified people and some of these may be employed by competing companies in the field that the client is offering. Most will have compiled a large database and will have it organized in a manner that will make it an easy process for employers and job seekers to both get information as needed. This helps to assure a good match; the employer can search using certain criteria such as work experience and skills, educational background, salary expectations and much more.

The prospect will be able to get specific information concerning the company’s profile as well as its history. To view the resumes which they have available, sometimes the executive search firm will charge a small fee for this type of research. This way companies can look at a broad range of different prospects before they start to narrow the list down.

In many cases, the client will not just use one firm, and this will give them a lot more flexibility as well as an even bigger selection of prospective employers that might fit their criteria for any particular job positions that they are trying to fill.

They are also ideal to help their clients find high-level management people to fill those openings as well. Sometimes these searches will involve networking with others who are already in the same kind of position to which they are seeking, and this type of prospecting is done on a frequent basis.

A good sales executive is becoming increasingly harder to find, and they stay in demand by a lot of businesses and organizations. This tends to be a very demanding job, and there are those who may have difficulty maintaining these positions, and this is why the turnover ratio has to be high. Training can be very costly for employers which are where these outside search organizations are invaluable as they maintain a large list of qualified applicants.

In the process of looking at the availability of the executive search firms, you will soon appreciate that they can offer many benefits, including:

An established firm can make contact with a lot more qualified and skilled professionals than relying on job boards, and networking since almost 80% of potential candidates are unlikely to be actively searching for a new employment role.

A search firm is often found to be a quite cost-effective process especially when you can consider the amount of time and effort that would be devoted by the human resources departments in screening the professionals that aren’t qualified.

A further quality aspect of the specialized executive search firms is that they are likely to be able to attract the attention of qualified talent much quicker since they are likely to have built up a list of potential candidates over the years that match closely to your specified criteria.

And they can make certain the entire recruitment process is carried out in the strictest of confidence.

When it comes to finding the services of the most desirable search firm you want to rely on the services of the more established companies that have a reputation for placing the high-level candidates in the right employment roles. A significant aspect will relate to being visible and active in your particular industry, which should make sure the right professionals are targeted. Also, you might want to look at asking for references from past clients, which should illustrate the ability to follow an ethical approach in the process of filling any employment role.

These companies offer an extremely valuable service to their clients and will always be in demand even when there is an economic turnaround. This is especially true for higher-level managerial positions such as managing the daily activities of a large business.

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Plant-strong & healthy living: Rip Esselstyn at TEDxFremont Rip Esselstyn, a former firefighter and author of The Engine 2 Diet, advocates a plant-strong diet to combat chronic diseases. Esselstyn inspired his fellow firefighting crew at the Austin Engine 2 station to follow a plant-based diet and dramatically heal their health. In 2012, Engine 2 and Whole Foods Market unveiled the Engine 2 food line.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)…

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Just How Safe Are Your Cosmetics, Food & Sunscreens? | EWG’s Healthy Living App

We’ve been eating mostly organic and natural foods for quite some time not but our journey is never over. I am always looking for more products that are natural, safe and healthy for me and my family. The EWG’s Healthy Living App makes it much easier to research and shop for the foods and body products that are safe for your family. This is not sponsored by EWG, I just have loved and used their website for a long time and was excited to find that they also have an app. I hope this video and information was helpful! Thanks for watching!

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“Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (
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10 Important Tips on How To Get Healthy for 2018! | NEW YEARS HEALTH GOALS

Hey guys! today I have for you a my 10 Tips on How to Start Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey to help you accomplish your 2018 New Years Healthy Resolutions and goals!
Whether you want to lose weight, feel better or simply just get healthy these were 10 things I did when I start my fitness journey and I hope they help you in yours!

What is your 2018 Healthy LIfestyle goal ?

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Workout routines
5 Tips to Change your Life!



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Health: Practice Yoga for healthy living

Our sedentary lifestyle has increased the risk of many health problems. How to keep healthy is a big question and the answer to this is yoga. Yoga can be made an integral part of our daily life and prove effective to keep away health problems.

‘DD News’ is the News Channel of India’s Public Service Broadcaster ‘Prasar Bharati’. DD News has been successfully discharging its responsibility to give balanced, fair and accurate news without sensationalizing as well as by carrying different shades of opinion.

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Healthy Living Equals Healthy Aging: How Where We Live, Work and Play Can Impact Our Longevity

One of the most important public health findings in the last two decades is that medical care is far from the only factor in how long people live and the quality of their health. A key step to improving health outcomes for older adults–and reducing the costs to the health-care system–is to better integrate health-care and supportive services with housing and transportation at local levels. This session explores effective methods and solutions that can drive change and result in healthier aging on a vast scale.

How can we encourage more communities across the country to make the needs of their older residents a priority as they plan for the future?

How do we improve the critical connections between housing, health care, technology, transportation, and urban planning?

Anand Parekh, Chief Medical Advisor, Bipartisan Policy Center

Catherine Anderson, Senior Vice President, Policy and Strategy, UnitedHealthcare Community and State

Frank Diana, Principal, Tata Consultancy Services

Omar Nagji, Lead, Health Partnerships, Lyft

Allison Silberberg, Mayor, Alexandria, Virginia

Pattie Dale Tye, Segment Vice President, Bold Goal, Humana…

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Thursday Vlog : Day In My Life | Healthy Indian Egg Recipe | Simple Living Wise Thinking

In this video I have shared my Thursday vlog a day in my life .I have reviewed a new blender and prepared a healthy egg recipe.

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Here is the 15% price off discount link for the blender. Valid through March 31st 2018.

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Classic Moments True Stories: Healthy Living and Eating

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7 Simple Steps to Better Health (healthy living tips for women)

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Here are some of the links I reference in this video:
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My “miracle morning” routine:
Are kegels necessary?

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9 Proven Ways To Never Get Diabetes | Healthy Living Tips

9 Proven Ways To Never Get Diabetes

1. Maintain A Healthy BMI
2. Consume Salads
3. Walk More
4. Consume Whole Grains
5. Consume Coffee
6. Avoid Fast Foods
7. Consume Cinnamon
8. De-Stress Often
9. Quit Smoking


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Healthy Lifestyle Secrets || Good Habits To Get Healthy Lifestyle in Hindi / Urdu

Friends! This video is about healthy lifestyle secrets & about good habits to get healthy lifestyle in Hindi / Urdu Language….
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