Healthy Living Equals Healthy Aging: How Where We Live, Work and Play Can Impact Our Longevity

One of the most important public health findings in the last two decades is that medical care is far from the only factor in how long people live and the quality of their health. A key step to improving health outcomes for older adults–and reducing the costs to the health-care system–is to better integrate health-care and supportive services with housing and transportation at local levels. This session explores effective methods and solutions that can drive change and result in healthier aging on a vast scale.

How can we encourage more communities across the country to make the needs of their older residents a priority as they plan for the future?

How do we improve the critical connections between housing, health care, technology, transportation, and urban planning?

Anand Parekh, Chief Medical Advisor, Bipartisan Policy Center

Catherine Anderson, Senior Vice President, Policy and Strategy, UnitedHealthcare Community and State

Frank Diana, Principal, Tata Consultancy Services

Omar Nagji, Lead, Health Partnerships, Lyft

Allison Silberberg, Mayor, Alexandria, Virginia

Pattie Dale Tye, Segment Vice President, Bold Goal, Humana